Debra Sue Kelvin, L.Ac

Debra Sue Kelvin, L.Ac

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Interested in Longevity Medicine? Join our New Year's Longevity Cleanse for a Health Body + Mind! At Healthy Chi Chinese & Integrative Medicine we help patients to live Longevity Medicine.  Whether addressing acute or chronic health issues - we get you back on track so you can enjoy more of life. We specialize in cancer care, cancer-prevention, adrenal/thyroid, autoimmune, women's health - and wellness of course - with expertise in "food as medicine", botanical medicine, nutrional supplements, acupuncture and lifestyle support. Our heart- and science-based approach includes: analyzing your unique health picture restoring endocrine balance diet and nutitional tailoring nutrient enhancement to meet specific needs stress management promotion of a healthy, responsive immune system environmental adjustments normalizing healthy cellular communication If you have not felt your best, and have experienced: a recent cancer diagnosis, are in treatment or remission with cancer chronic health challenges a diagnosed auto-immune disease recent troubling symptoms insight that your diet needs help and you’re ready to make a change testing normal on your labs – but still feel “not right” resigning yourself that it was just “something you have to get used to” as part of the aging process… Think again!  How good would it feel to: thrive and have an increased quality of life? take a proactive approach, working with expert guidance down the path to deeper vitality for you - and for your family's well-being? That's what we help you with at Healthy Chi. We practice - and LIVE - Longevity Medicine. Does this sound like what you need? Call to set up an appointment:  510.334.2472  Visit our website to learn more:

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