Lacy Martinez MA, Ph.D Student

Lacy Martinez MA, Ph.D Student

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Therapy can get a bad rap in our society.Long, intense, difficult, airy-fairy, dry, expensive, ridiculous, desperate; there are all kinds of labels out there.  And sometimes, at some points, therapy can indeed be all those things. But it doesn’t have to be. It really all depends on you, what you’re looking for, and who you invite to come along.  Therapy is a journey into yourself, and where you go, how far you explore, how deeply you dig, and how long you stay is all up to you. Therapy can be joyous, exciting, hilarious, sacred, and warm.  It can be light-hearted. Good therapy, to my mind, should have lots of these moments…enough to make those rough patches bearable.  And, yes, therapy can be fun as often and deeply as it is a challenge. With your intentions, and goals, stories and dreams, we build a relationship that is strong, safe, and secure enough to see you through your wounds, fears, troubles, and heartaches.  Together we’ll  remember your strengths, your purpose, your gifts and your calling. I have a hard time believing there is "something wrong" with anyone; rather I have found that most things, even challenging "symptoms", make perfect sense when a situation or life context is considered compassionately. Bringing that consideration into the room consciously also usually opens doors to other, potentially more useful and life-giving behaviors, beliefs, and values.  Specialties: Life Transitions Grief, Depression, and Anxiety Coping with Stress Identity and Personality Issues Relationship Challenges Parenting Sexuality and Intimacy Career Counseling Spiritual Crisis About Lacy:  Lacy Martinez came to the field of psychotherapy late in life, and after a long journey of her own; as a parent, partner, longtime caregiver, and hospice worker she has a unique and personal understanding of how much this life can ask of us, and how deeply we can be hurt. Therapy, from her perspective, is about cultivating the resilience and resources to tolerate and explore our pain and anger, so that sadness, grief, love, compassion, and a connection to a higher power can all be accessed. Fostering this connection to ourselves and to something bigger seems to always lead to increases in happiness, calm, joy, and peace…and in this world, we can all use a little more of those things. While completing her graduate program in Transpersonal Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, Lacy focused on the therapeutic effects of working with our dreams, indigenous wisdom, mindfulness, spirituality, and the impact of culture and diversity on our collective psyche. She is currently a Ph.D student at Pacifica Graduate Institute, studying Jungian Analysis and Depth Psychology.  Lacy is supervised by Robert Shelby, MA, LMFT. MFC# 20364

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