Deborah Najman: Aromatherapist, Shaman, Soul Coach

Deborah Najman: Aromatherapist, Shaman, Soul Coach

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This medicine comes from the ancient lineage and teachings of the Q’ero shamans of Peru. These sessions are interactive and dynamic. Together we map and unwind imprints of dis-ease in the energetic, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  These profound energy shifts can have rippling effects into all areas of your life. Services Offered:  Illumination- Releases imprints from your luminous field by clearing chakras of embedded limiting belief systems & emotional blockages. Extractions- Remove crystallizations from your luminous field that impede the natural flow of energy and cause discomfort in the body. Also, works with the removal of fluid energies and enables you to change affinities for toxic people and environments.  Soul Retrieval- Stepping outside of ordinary time we track a splintered soul fragment and retrieve it in a healed state. During this process, soul contracts that no longer serve your highest good are re-written to enable the transition for living in grace.  Destiny Retrieval- Assist in reclaiming your life’s dream by tapping into shifting the momentum of your highest destiny to help guide you on your path to joy. Death & Transition Rites- This service is offered to those who are coping with the loss of a loved one and to any person who is making a major life shift seeking resolution and closure.  Space Clearing- Energetic clearing of office or home space. Munay Ki- A series of energetic transmissions are offered to shift the luminous energy field: “Bands of Power”- protection for those in healing practices and/or with high sensitivity to energies; “Kawak Rites”- known as the “seer’s” rites, allows you to perceive the world as shamans do through the eyes of the heart; “Ayni Karpai” – archetypical energies are installed in each chakra to aid in maintaining right relationship (ayni) with the Universe.  Aromatherapy - This form of plant medicine is used throughout your session to assist in healing. Custom Essential Oil Blends can also be made for you.  People who see Deborah: Individuals coping with anxiety  People who are coping with grief, whether from the death of a loved one, or the loss of a relationship Someone who is in a transitional life process (moving, divorce, loss of a job, etc.) Individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual journey through ritual and energy medicine  Testimonials: “Deborah Najman is a gem, a treasure in our community of women healers. I started having sessions with her after my mother’s passing. The sessions helped me face that very difficult time with a tremendous amount of grace. I would leave my sessions and have a very clear knowing of how to handle my grief and sadness and just the right rituals for self and family healing.  Each of Deborah's sessions are unique and I leave each session feeling lighter and more aware of all the blessings in my life.  My personal goals and dreams accelerate into reality with less effort and magic always happens.  Deborah is so professional and gifted, I am so fortunate to have found her!" \x7e Cristina "I have been doing so well since my work with you! The one word that describes how I am feeling is "smooth".  I am very calm and relaxed. Thank you for your powerful healing work!! Your healing powers go to a very deep level that touch the foundational root that needs to be healed!!”~ Shamaya "I loved Deborah's sensitive but no-nonsense intelligence, and her strong connection to plant energy and the spirit world.  I asked her to be my life coach. Deborah is a "Renaissance" Healer... she knows how to do it all: Insightful counseling and coaching, energy cleansing, aromatherapy, crystal essence, and essential oil blending, and provided me with tools that I needed to get myself out of a creative and lifestyle rut.  I went through major changes. I realized my stressful job was creating a lot of my problems, and found a less stressful and better paying job. Since starting to see Deborah I have improved my sense of self-worth and have become an overall healthier person in mind, body, and soul. My music is taking off at warp speed and my dreams of becoming an established and successful artist are coming true.  I honor Deborah for her gentle yet firm persistence with me, her guidance, and for gifting me with tools for my journey. Thank you Deborah for being a catalyst to improve my life, and for helping me push fear aside for the light to shine through! You are amazing!”~ Ashley

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