Cedric Bertelli

Cedric Bertelli

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A Fear, any recurrent but unwanted emotional or behavioral response or long standing trauma is permanently resolved if the situation at its origin is relived through sensations

and without mental interference. In other words, it is through physical sensations and not with the intellect that we look for the roots of a fear, and it is through a conscious surrender to these physical sensations that a natural regulation will be able to take place. After the natural regulation happens the emotion that was worked on is integrated by the body and permanently resolved. I am a expert in a technique that is increasingly recognized across Western Europe for its radical results, in Europe this method is known as T.I.P.I. (technique d'Identification sensorielle des Peurs Inconscientes). The method arose from the French researcher Luc Nicon’s early research yielding evidence for the existence of an innate natural ability in human beings to permanently regulate emotional states through a series of simple and easily learned steps that are universally applicable. The original research was conducted in France and published in 2007, since then this work is considered as a reference and taught at the University of Berlin. I am applying the technique with clients and teaching it to therapists, nurses, healthcare professionals for them to help their patients. This process of emotional regulation is very efficient for conditions such as depression, anxiety, anger, phobias and grief, among others. We generally obtain a complete and permanent resolution of a specific emotional difficulty for a patient in one 30 minute session. A critical benefit of this technique is the ability to resolve long-standing traumas and unwanted emotional patterns without emotionally re-activating the patient. There is bsolutely no physical contact during a session, in fact the work can be done through phone or programs like "Skype". I am of French origin and I have been living in the San Francisco Bay area since 2003. I was trained in the T.I.P.I. method in France in 2009 by the founder of the technique. I am the only professional officially endorsed by Luc Nicon to teach this work in the U.S.A.

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