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Anna Swisher

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Are you interested in exploring holistic, natural ways to enhance your quality of life and deepen your self-understanding?  Are you struggling with a particular issue or discomfort–physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual–that you would like to develop resources to handle?I offer private, customized guidance and counseling for individuals seeking tools to address many varieties of challenge or dis-ease.I like to call this work “RADICAL SELF-CARE.” “Radical” means of or from the root, pertaining to the foundation, or the fundamental nature of something.  What I mean by Radical Self-Care is an approach to healing which addresses the roots of our discomforts, and therefore provides lasting relief.  Founded in a philosophy of wholeness and connection, this whole-person approach seeks to reconnect us to our most essential selves and cultivate the resources to help us stay in balance with our fundamental needs, which include the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Why Yoga? Creating change in our lives happens when we can identify, access, and implement the RESOURCES we need to support our growth.  As Bill Bowen says,“Resources support our ability to deal effectively with the various situations that life presents. They help us find and maintain a sense of inner strength, stability, flexibility, resilience, clarity, balance, integrity, insight, and creativity.”Look at these words again: strength, stability, flexibility, resilience, clarity, balance, integrity, insight, and creativity.  These are all qualities that are explicitly addressed through the practice of yoga.  When we work consciously through the body, we develop tangible resources that we can use to untangle and navigate our challenges.  And in the process of addressing our weaknesses and strengths through our bodies, we inevitably correct imbalance and relieve physical discomfort. Why Nature? If you ask anyone to tell you about the time they feel or have felt most at peace, they will almost always tell you about somewhere in or around nature: watching a sunset, laying by the ocean, floating on a lake, or sitting around a fire.  Why is this? Eco-psychology principles and eco-therapy practices are all based on the idea that humans are not separate from nature (and indeed, we are not.)  Therefore, when we live disconnected from nature, we exacerbate a fundamental wound that is something like being forcefully separated from our mothers.  When we return to nature, things begin to make sense again.  We feel a sense of peace, belonging, rightness and aliveness.Further, our fundamental connection to nature implies that the qualities and processes of our body and psyche are directly related to the qualities and processes of the natural world.  Therefore, a conscious inquiry into nature allows us to gain insight into our “inner landscape” by observing and engaging with our external landscape.By working in our bodies and in nature, we are able to identify patterns and wounds, address imbalances, relax our defense mechanisms, experience inner and outer quiet that allows clarity to emerge, find comfort in our experience, develop ease and integrity of movement, understand the processes of growth and change, and cultivate resources to support our unfolding.

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