Laura Ciapponi – Therapeutic Chef, Nutritionist

Laura Ciapponi – Therapeutic Chef, Nutritionist

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Hello! Laura has a passion for wellness and healing.  She is an educator in Nutrition, Nourishing Traditional Diets, and Body, Mind and Spirit health.  She is a Certified Therapeutic Chef, Nutrition Educator, Herbalist and BodyTalk practitioner. One of the most profound functional medicine tests is Hair Mineral Analysis.  Hair Mineral Analysis reveals the biochemical blueprint of minerals in our body, and heavy metal toxicity.  Laura uses this method with her clients, as well as a unique targetted nutritional balancing supplement protocol, correlated to the results, to effect long term change and disease. From a Hair Mineral Analysis Test, we can see: What state of stress you are in:  alarm, resistance or exhaustion How your body is handling sugar and carbs If you are eating enough protein The state of both your adrenals and thryoid, at the cellular level Your oxidation rate, how well you are burning your fuel Trends in disease Potential heavy metal toxicity and copper toxicity Information about your digestion, organs, immune system and vitality Laura has also worked as a Personal Therapeutic Chef for 10 years, cooking for individuals and families in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She uses the principles of the Weston A. Price foundation, and a Paleo/Primal approach to food. Another powerful tool for health and healing are our plant aliies.  Laura enjoys sharing the pure and potent plant medicine of doTERRA essential oils. Thank you, and I look forward to connecting on our journey.

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